Dara Ó Briain: ‘A Staycation is NOT a holiday in the same country you live in’

Dara Ó Briain: ‘A Staycation is NOT a holiday in the same country you live in’

2020 IS the year of the ‘staycation’ in Ireland, according to Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Holohan, but comedian Dara Ó Briain is concerned that many of us don’t actually know what a ‘staycation’ is. 

In a lengthy and hilarious Twitter rant, the Mock The Week host took aim at an apparent failure to grasp what the term ‘staycation’ actually refers to. 

Certain sections of the internet have previously described it as a holiday enjoyed in the same country you currently reside in. 

Thankfully, the Bray born star is on hand to explain exactly what it is in his own imitable style. 

So help me God.... A Staycation is NOT a holiday in the same country you live in,” he wrote on Twitter. 

“That’s been happening for ever. It didn’t need a name. A Staycation is a holiday where you stay at your own home and do holiday things from there (visit museums, attractions in your own town etc.)."

He continued: “And I will block anyone who even considers arguing this. I’ll even report you. Not sure to whom but somebody.  

“Stop calling it a Staycation if you drive 5 hours to Cornwall/West Cork (delete as appropriate).” 

One follower attempted to challenge his view, but Ó Briain, as promised, was having none of it. 

“Dara.. I was under the illusion that you were smart! STAYCATION means holidaying at home.. at a holiday location in your country .. otherwise it's a 'busman's holiday'!” she wrote. 

The Irishman gave her short shrift. 

“Those are two different things, and a holiday in your own country is literally all the holidays many of us had for years growing up, and they didn’t merit some belittling title,” he responded. 

“Nope, staycation is a holiday based in your own home.” 

There were plenty who agreed with him, of course. 

“I hate that word it feels like it's cheapening every family holiday I ever had because we couldn't afford to fly abroad,” another follower wrote. 

Unfortunately, Ó Briain, ended up running into a bit of trouble when he found that both Wikipedia and Google appeared to believe the word “Staycation” could refer to the two markedly different definitions. 

Jesus, Wikipedia, pick a side,” he lamented. 

The debate continues.