Details of alleged oral rape performed by Olding heard at Belfast rape trial

Details of alleged oral rape performed by Olding heard at Belfast rape trial

THE WOMAN claiming she was raped by former Ireland rugby player Stuart Olding reportedly gave differing accounts to police investigating the incident.

Two days after the incident reportedly occurred, the 19-year-old woman told police she wasn't "entirely sure" about an oral rape performed by Stuart Olding.

Later that day, she alluded to being forced to perform oral sex on Olding, leading her to accuse him of oral rape.

According to Belfast Telegraph, Olding's defence examined a constable today who monitored the interview on june 30th, 2016.

Barrister O'Donoghue, defending Olding told the court: "Her answer seems to change to 'I am really sure my head was forced down'."


The PSNI officer in court confirmed Olding was co-operative in the questioning at the station and voluntarily attended.

Asking further questions, O'Donoghue asked: "Is it fair to say that he had asserted during the course of the interviews very important facts relevant to the oral sex?" to which the officer replied: "I could not remember specifics."

The court also heard that Olding told the officer he was instructed to purchase condoms, on the woman's insistence.

O'Donoghue asked: "He did say that she asked them, Mr Jackson and Mr Olding, to go and get condoms?"

The officer confirmed: "I recall that being mentioned."

The court heard other alleged details, such as the woman in question had taken off her own top, and the end of the statement given by Olding to the PSNI.

O'Donoghue asked the officer: "He ejaculated on his own stomach... He wiped himself with toilet roll, not in the bedroom but in an adjoining bathroom?"


To which the officer answered: "Yes."

The trial continues.