DIsgraced detective Sean Donoghue jailed for stealing thousands seized from investigations

DIsgraced detective Sean Donoghue jailed for stealing thousands seized from investigations

A FORMER police officer has been jailed after stealing more than £12,000 in cash that had been seized as part of police investigations.

Sean Donoghue, 53, appeared at Leeds Crown Court on Friday, November 5 where he was sentenced to two years and four months in jail.

He had previously pleaded guilty to one count of misconduct in a public office.

'Abused his privilege'

"It is a privilege to work for the police and this former officer has abused that privilege and misused his powers for his own financial gain," said Detective Chief Inspector Shaf Rehman of West Yorkshire Police's Professional Standards Directorate.

"We have clear standards of professional behaviour that we expect of our officers, staff and volunteers, on and off duty, and at the cornerstone of this is honesty and integrity.

“It is right for someone with the lack of integrity that Donoghue has displayed to be barred from working in law enforcement."

Cash deposits

A number of open police exhibit bags that had previously contained cash were found at Donoghue's former address in 2019.

An investigation was carried out into exhibits handled by Donoghue, a former Detective Constable in Protective Services Crime at West Yorkshire Police.

Enquiries uncovered a number of exhibits that were falsely recorded as having been 'Returned to Owner'.

It was also discovered that multiple cash deposits were made by Donoghue immediately after cash exhibits went missing from the property store.

It is believed that Donoghue stole at least £12,592 in cash.

"We have liaised with colleagues in the Economic Crime Unit and will now be seeking to pursue an investigation under the Proceeds of Crime Act to ensure that Donoghue does not benefit financially from his offending," added DCI Rehman.

A gross misconduct investigation was carried out earlier this year in relation to another matter involving this officer.

This resulted in him being dismissed from West Yorkshire Police without notice and prevented from working for any police force in England and Wales.