Donald Trump to base headquarters of his new social media platform in Dublin

Donald Trump to base headquarters of his new social media platform in Dublin

DONALD TRUMP has announced that his new social media platform will establish its international headquarters in Dublin.  

The new offices will be based on Dublin’s prestigious Grand Canal Dock with the new social media company set to follow in the footsteps of Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook by moving to the Emerald Isle. 

The former President of the United States announced the plans at a hastily arranged press conference.

"I'm very excited," Trump said. "I'm one of the most successful presidents ever by far. We broke records. The people of Ireland need to know they are getting one of the smartest presidents."

Ireland has proven popular destination for tech companies looking to set up shop on the continent. This is on account of its scenery and friendly locals and nothing whatsoever to do with anything involving tax. 

The Trump Organisation has reportedly signed an agreement to lease 15,793sq m (170,000 sq ft) of office space currently being developed in the dockland area. 

Trump’s decision to base operations in Ireland is partially based on the fact he already has business holdings in the country with Trump International Golf Links and Hotel Ireland in Doonbeg. 

However, it’s also thought that Trump was eager to prove himself more popular among the Irish people than his successor, President Joe Biden. 

"I have heard from hundreds of Irish people that tell me they prefer me to Sleepy Joe," he told reporters at the press conference, which was held outside the Hilton Florists in Mar-a-Lago.  

"My friend, who happens to be a very famous Irish person, also told me I am very much liked here. I actually have some Irish heritage." Trump is of Scottish ancestry.

"The Irish people love me!" - Donald Trump

Trump is planning to split his time between Ireland his new home in Mar-a-Lago, but will base much of his social media output in the Emerald Isle. 

"America is not a good place for social media,” he said. 

“They are killing companies. Killing them." 

The new social media platform, which is set to launch under the name Trumper, is expected to go live in two to three months.  

Trump is in the midst of a major recruitment drive for Trumper and is eager to hire spin-doctors and experts in PR.

Leo Varadkar is rumoured to be one name currently in the frame for a role with Trumper.