Donald Trump's Doonbeg visit in 2019 cost Secret Service over $500,000

Donald Trump's Doonbeg visit in 2019 cost Secret Service over $500,000

DONALD TRUMP'S two-day visit to Co. Clare in June 2019 cost the US Secret Service upwards of $500,000, it's been revealed.

During his state visit, Trump elected to base himself at his luxury golf resort in Doonbeg, arguing that it was "convenient" to do so, despite the fact that the majority of his affairs would be taking place in Dublin.

It clearly wasn't financially convenient, mind - costing the US taxpayer $524,000 in total.

Protecting the president comes with a price, but documents released to RTÉ News, following a US Freedom of Information request, shows the startling details of the mammoth spend.

A whopping $327,000 was spent on renting vehicles alone.

Hotel accommodation cost more than $136,000, with roughly $10,000 of that being spent at Trump's Doonbeg resort.

This is despite the fact that initial spend on Trump's hotel was set for just $4,000 prior to his visit.

Nearly $18,000 was spent on renting golf carts, over $10,000 was spent on renting tents, and $1,845 was spent on renting fridges.

A further $19,000 was spent on employee overtime and allowances, and $2,500 was spent on mobile phone rental and usage.

A forklift was also rented in Co. Limerick, which cost $400, while nearly $3,000 was spent on glass from a window company in Ennis, Co. Clare.

Despite the fact that the US taxpayer had to cover these costs, Trump's visit still came at a price for the Irish taxpayer too.

It's understood that a staggering €18 million was spent by gardaí on protection for both Mr Trump and former vice president Mike Pence, who visited later in the year.