Irish households warned: Don’t drink and cook this Christmas

Irish households warned: Don’t drink and cook this Christmas

TIS THE season to be jolly with Christmas fast approaching and staff parties in full swing.

But while the temptation to drink and be merry throughout the festive season may be strong, alcohol should always be enjoyed in moderation – especially on Christmas Day.

That’s according to Drink Aware, who are urging households to go steady on the sauce before cooking the Christmas dinner this year.

The independent alcohol advice service for Ireland, Drink Aware is keen to stress that 'the most wonderful time of the year' can often turn into something of a nightmare.

The annual roast turkey or honeyed ham, in particular, can prove hazardous in the wrong hands – especially if you’ve had one drink too many.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, marketing manager Miriam Taber urged the public to exercise caution when it came to boozing on the big day and set an example.

"It’s not a very controlled environment like in the pub where your drinks would be measured," Taber added.



"So it can be free-pour at home which is a huge issue that we see and it can be really hard to track how much you’re drinking over the course of day or night."

Taber has already noted an increase in the number of people set to drink at Christmas, based on a noticeable increase in the number of people visiting the Drinkaware website and accessing their various online tools.

To help combat the issue, has launched a standard drink measure cup to help people keep tabs on their alcohol consumption.

The drink measure cup has been made available free of charge before Christmas.