DREAM JOB ALERT: Supermac's is hiring a 'mystery ice-cream taster'

DREAM JOB ALERT: Supermac's is hiring a 'mystery ice-cream taster'

IRELAND'S FAVOURITE fast food restaurant is hiring for a super 'chill' new role.

If you love Supermac's (who doesn't?) and ice cream (again, who doesn't?) how would you like to be paid to eat Supermac's ice cream all day?

In what might be the best job offer you'll ever come across, Supermac's are hiring a number of lucky people to be their 'mystery tasters', where you will literally order, eat and review ice cream from Supermac's restaurants across the country.

The premier fast-food chain say they want the mystery taster to try out all of the restaurant's ranges of ice cream, with a particular focus on their new Cookies and Ice Cream muffin.

But what's the catch?

Well, apart from the odd ice cream headache you're sure to get, there is none.

The successful applicant will visit a restaurant, order an ice cream and take a photograph of it to make sure the presentation is as good as it can be.

Then you'll evaluate the taste of the ice cream, the crispiness of the cookies, softness of the muffin and sauciness of the melted chocolate (Is anyone else hungry all of a sudden?).

The Supermac's range of ice cream and muffins is as long as it is delicious (Supermacs)

After that, you'll complete a questionnaire evaluating the product, particularly presentation, quality, taste and freshness before giving it an overall score-- deliciously simple.

The successful applicant must have a minimum 10 years experience of eating ice-cream and be a "self-proclaimed Ice Cream Connoisseur".

Good memory and observation skills are essential and you have to be fair in your critique-- meaning as tempting as it may be, you can't just write each one off as 100% perfect.

There's no strings attached, you just get paid to eat ice cream-- what a dream.

To be in with a chance to become one of Supermac's new Mystery Ice Cream tasters, you can read more about the role and apply here.

Good luck!