Dream Job: Travel company looking to pay someone €3,500 to ride rollercoasters in Florida

Dream Job: Travel company looking to pay someone €3,500 to ride rollercoasters in Florida


Rollercoasters are a lot like a relationship. There're plenty of ups, downs, twists and turns, and you'll likely spend the majority of your time screaming at the top of your lungs.

And once it's finished, you're either desperate to try another one, or you're physically sick at the sight of one.

Either way, we can all agree that for most of us, rollercoasters are pretty awesome. Can you imagine if someone paid you to ride them?

Well, actually, someone is.

Ocean Florida is on the hunt for someone to test their 'coasters at a number of their parks.

That's right, you can be the adrenaline-gorging guinea-pig travelling round the likes of Disney World and Universal Studios.

This could be you for three weeks

And as if you needed any more incentive to scramble to the nearest airport, they're willing to pay a whopping €3,500.

The role lasts for just three weeks and could be the ultimate summer job for a very lucky someone.

The job description says: "As our professional Florida Theme Park Tester, you will spend three magical weeks in Orlando's most popular theme parks during April/May (depending on availability) and will be tasked with providing essential feedback on each park."

They add that they want opinions on not just the rides, but also the food, souvenirs and something called the 'thrill factor' (sounds alluring).

Other than the impressive salary, your travel and accommodation will be covered, you'll get a daily budget to spend on whatever you please, you get fast passes on all the rides, a Go Pro camera to record your 'thrill factor' levels and a Fitbit to measure how much weight you've packed on with all that candy-floss  many steps you've taken and what your heart rate is like.

Oh and you can bring a friend too.

Unless you're stupid enough to pass this up, click here for more information.