Toddler who drowned on Spanish holiday has Dublin roots

Toddler who drowned on Spanish holiday has Dublin roots

THE TODDLER who drowned in a tragic swimming pool accident had Irish roots, The Irish Post has learned.

Relatives tried to save Shae Colfrd after discovering him in a swimming pool at his grandparents’ home near Malaga, Spain, on Sunday.

But the three-year-old died in the car as his parents rushed him to hospital.

The family, which also includes Shae’s mum Jenna Naish and baby sister Orla, was on the first day of their summer holiday when the tragedy struck.

One family member told The Irish Post that the toddler’s father, Daniel, has roots in Dublin.

Tragic Shae’s great-grandmother, Marjorie Colford, said she found out about the death on Sunday.

“I don’t know what happened, but we are terribly upset, all the family is,” she told reporters from her home in Leicester earlier this week.

“Shae’s mum and dad are still in Spain and they will be coming home as soon as the body is released. It’s only just happened and we are just grieving at the moment.

“He was a lovely little boy, he was just lovely.”

Police are treating the death as a tragic accident.