Dublin anti-lockdown protesters ridiculed on social media over epic t-shirts blunder

Dublin anti-lockdown protesters ridiculed on social media over epic t-shirts blunder

A PAIR of anti-lockdown protesters pictured during the demonstrations in Dublin managed to raise a few smiles on social media on an otherwise gloomy day for Ireland. 

Hundreds took to Grafton Street and South King Street for the planned protest, which had been intended as a peaceful demonstration of the opposition to the Irish government’s lockdown restrictions. 

Unfortunately, it soon devolved into a series of running battles between so-called protesters and Gardai with elements from the Far-Right and Anti-Vaxx community present during the unrest. 

Some of those elements were pictured prior to the rioting posing in some strikingly powerful garments. 

Unfortunately, the outfits proved thought provoking for all the wrong reasons. 


In fact, the overriding thought for many was: “What were they thinking?” 

It all started when Champagne Football co-author Mark Tighe shared a picture of two people wearing t-shirts which read: “RTE sold there souls.” 

As it was quickly pointed out, the outfits should have read: “RTE sold their souls.” 

In any case, Irish followers on Twitter were quick to poke fun at the blunder. 

“Can’t even get proper grammar on the clothes," one laughed. 

“Shame they didn’t watch a bit more RTE!” Home School Hub Múinteoir John Sharpson joked. 


The mistake provided some much-needed levity in an otherwise dark day for Ireland with politicians from across the political divide quick to condemn the incident on social media. 

Tanasite Leo Varadkar said: “Horrified to see this on our streets. Irish people have spent last year fighting COVID. 

“There is no excuse for violence to Gardai or anyone. This behaviour on Grafton St by a selfish few undermines sacrifices that millions have made in the last 12 months.” 

Sinn Fein Leader Mary Lou McDonald also branded the behavioir witnessed as “wreckless” describing it as “a slap in the face to the people of this city and beyond who have made huge sacrifices over the last year. Shocking and disgraceful scenes.”