Hundreds gather for anti-lockdown protest in Cork

Hundreds gather for anti-lockdown protest in Cork

HUNDRED OF anti-lockdown demonstrators gathered in Cork city centre this past Saturday to protest Ireland’s ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. 

A crowd of up to 300 people were present for the Parade for Peace event. 

Protesters congregated around the National Monument on Cork’s Grand Parade before marching down Patrick Street. 

Those present carried placards feature several anti-lockdown slogans while a chant of “End the Lockdown” could be heard among those marching. 

Several speakers and musicians addressed those present including former Cork County Councillor Diarmaid Ó Cadhla. 

According to RTE, Ó Cadhla used his speech to hit out at the government’s restrictions and ongoing vaccination policy. 

He also took aim at big pharma companies and the decision to restrict people from visiting places of worship like churches during Easter. 

Ó Cadhla signed off by urging people across Ireland to join with fellow demonstrators in holding weekly protests every Monday until the lockdown is lifted. 

During the demonstrations, those present were urged to ignore any Covid-19 fines they may receive and simply refuse to pay them. 

As many as 70 Garda officers, in including 30 uniformed gardaí and members of the mounted bike unit, were present during the demonstrations. 

According to Gardaí 12 people were spoken to in connection with organising and participating in the 'Parade for Peace' rally. 

A file is to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.