Dublin Bar posts job advert for 'full-time snowflake'

Dublin Bar posts job advert for 'full-time snowflake'

A DUBLIN BAR has posted a job advert looking for "an experienced snowflake".

Oscars Cafe and Bar, in Smithfield Square, took to Facebook to post the hilarious advert, requesting someone who is "self-entitled" and "over sensitive".

They outline that the ideal candidate shouldn't feel the need to work as part of a team and should be able to "take offence from the most innocuous things imaginable."

Some of the key roles of the job are noted below:

They warn that "extensive experience in using a smartphone" is required for the job, and that they expect candidates to be attached to their phones throughout their shift.

They also say they expect the candidate to possess reasonable typing skills, including "copious commenting on social media as well as writing strongly worded letters about all and anything that upset you, and your likeminded outraged social friends."

The advert also says that "a hostile attitude to free speech" is expected and "the ability to quench and belittle other people’s views" will be advantageous.

Good communication skills are apparently not needed because "your emotions will take precedent over all discussions".

The bar goes on to describe what kind of experience they'd like the ideal candidate to possess:

  • Maximum of 5 years' Millennial Experience
  • Absolutely no resilience whatsoever
  • No willingness to consider controversial or opposing views
  • Over confidence and naive ambitions
  • Self-righteousness and indignation

Sounds brilliant ... or horrible ... depending on your outlook I guess.

You can check out the advert, here.