Dublin dad tries to hide lads’ night out from wife by staging pics of himself tucked up in bed

Dublin dad tries to hide lads’ night out from wife by staging pics of himself tucked up in bed

AN IRISH dad’s crafty plan to keep a lads’ night out secret from his wife ended up being foiled after images of his amusing deception went viral online.

Damien Keegan thought he had come up with the perfect scheme to stop his wife, who was on holiday in Spain at the time, from discovering he had stayed out drinking with his friends late into the night.

The 42-year-old Dubliner was enjoying a few jars with his pals last Monday when his wife Fiona called to see where he was and ensure he was heading home.

Despite insisting he was on his way back to their residence, Fiona remained sceptical of his claims and decided to enlist their daughters to provide picture proof of the fact he was back home.

Thinking quickly with the help of his offspring, Keegan jumped in a taxi and quickly returned to his home to pose for a series of pictures of himself apparently fast asleep in bed.


Image: Twitter

Telling the driver about his dastardly scheme, Keegan even managed to get a free ride out of the driver, who was evidently impressed with his efforts.

His daughter Naomi took the fateful snaps, which her mother fell for hook, line and sinker.

But they were soon rumbled after Naomi decided to upload the images to Twitter, where they subsequently went viral.

In a series of posts, she explained the unfolding hilarity: “S*** my ma asked is Da in bed and he’s acc in the pub but she’s on holiday and doesn’t know.

“She asked me to take a pic of him in bed and he’s getting a taxi home to get a pic in the bed and then going back out.


“The things you’ve to do to go the pub when ur wife’s away… stinger da ye got caught after all.”

Image: Twitter

He was eventually found out after the post racked up thousands of likes and retweets, resulting in it eventually being spotted by Fiona’s sister.

Damien ended up in the doghouse but, after going viral all around the world for his humorous efforts, it’s not a scheme he’s going to end up regretting any time soon.

Mind you, something tells us he’s not going to be let out of the house any time soon either.