Dublin priest spookily prophesied 'times of great chaos' were coming in 2020

Dublin priest spookily prophesied 'times of great chaos' were coming in 2020

AN IRISH priest has spoken of the spooky prediction he made last year in which he prophesied “times of great chaos” in 2020. 

Video footage of Father Pat Collins making the prediction can be found on YouTube. 

Speaking at the Divine Convention in February 2019, the Vincentian priest, who is based out of Dublin, offered up a prophecy about what God had in store for the future. 

Fr Collins warned of “times of great chaos” and said there would be social “disturbance” and “economic unrest”. He did so at a time when Covid-19 didn’t even exist. 

Even so, Fr Collins told The Sun that while he foresaw dark times, he could never have predicted the pandemic being witnessed across the world. 

He said: “A year ago, I gave what is called a prophetic talk on what I thought God was telling us about the future and one of the things I said was that great tribulation and great difficulty was coming and part of it was going to be great economic distress. And of course, we’re facing into that now. 

“When the virus came, it came as a big surprise,” he admitted. 

I hadn’t anticipated the pandemic, but I could see as soon as the pandemic took place that my prediction that there was going to be great economic difficulties was actually going to be a consequence of the pandemic and I think we haven’t seen how bad that’s going to get. 

“My point in talking at the conference last year was ‘brace yourselves everyone, because very difficult days lie ahead, I thought in the near future.” 

Scarily, there could even be worse to come, if Fr Collins’ warnings come true. 

During that same speech over a year ago, he also warned of a potential breakdown in the climate across Europe. 

With it, he predicted great storms, flooding and a loss of life that would add to a state of social disruption that would likely last years rather than months.