Dublin pub refuses to remove 'Northern' Irish province flags following complaints

Dublin pub refuses to remove 'Northern' Irish province flags following complaints

A DUBLIN pub is refusing to remove four “Northern flags”, including an Ulster banner, from outside the venue, despite complaints from neighbours. 

Peadar Browns on Clanbrassil Street was contacted by Dublin City Council which claimed to have received several objections from unhappy locals. 

Responding on Facebook, the owner of Peadar Browns said the pub had no intention of taking any of the flags down. 

They also called on city councillors to support their decision to keep them in place. 

“Dublin City Council have rang me this morning and asked me to remove the flags from outside the pub because they were "Northern flags" and after they've received a number of complaints from neighbours about them,” they wrote. 

“I will not be removing these flags and I hope Dublin city councillors will back me on this.” 

The announcement was met with widespread support on Facebook, with hundreds of followers backing the pub’s decision and criticising the suggestion of them being removed. 

"Pathetic," one wrote.

"We're in the middle of a pandemic and some small minded, petty 'official' sees this as a priority. I'd ask them to put it in writing with reference to the relevant piece of legislation that it refers to."

Another added: "Someone may ring Dublin city council and tell them to ask Dublin city council to remove that northern flag they are flying." 

Peadar Brown's announcement was also endorsed by independent Dublin City Councillor and former Lord Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke on social media. 

"Peadar I salute you for saying No Removal off our flags will take place,” Burke wrote on Facebook. 

“Also I support you in your stand to let the flags fly. Also the Stephen Cluxton feature outside the pub belongs to the Dublin team and supporters who achieved 5 All Ireland’s. Peadar well done”