Shoppers lucky to be alive after car crashes through front of Dublin shop

Shoppers lucky to be alive after car crashes through front of Dublin shop

SHOPPERS IN Dublin were lucky to escape unscathed after a car crashed through the front windows of a busy store this week.

Pictures and videos chronicling the incident and aftermath were shared online in the wake of the crash, which unfolded at the C&T Superstore on the Shenick Road in Skerries, North Dublin just after 2:30 pm on September 17.

Dublin man Dave Morris was among those shopping at the time, taking to Twitter afterwards to admit he felt like he had “dodged a bullet” after escaping without injury.

The Irish Sun has since reported that the driver of the car has been identified as local man John Fanning.

“It was just an accident," Fanning explained to the news provider, "the foot slipped on the accelerator, that’s all.


“There was no injuries or anything, no injuries at all. Lucky, very lucky.

“It hopped up off the curb, that’s all. There’s no bollards or anything either, no bollards in front of the shop. It just hopped off the curb, that’s all.

“God. It could have been a lot worse, it could have been a lot worse."

Fanning added: “I only live down here, I could have walked up. I was going for a sandwich. I only live 20 doors down.”

Incredibly, Fanning went on to purchase a pack of cigarettes in the shop following the crash.


The shop’s owner, Tom Stafford described the incident as “unbelievable” to The Irish Sun.

“The car came through the shop front, right into the middle of the shop. There are parking bays outside the shop and in he came in.

“It really is a miracle no one was injured. I would say it is a blessing no one was hurt, a great escape really.”

Thankfully much of the damage was cosmetic rather than structural, meaning the shop should be back to normal soon enough.

There’s no ill-feeling towards Fanning either.


“He’s a good customer of ours, there’s no ill will there. John and his mum would be good customers of ours,” Stafford said.