Dublin to get 'flagship' Irish language hub as part of major national initiative

Dublin to get 'flagship' Irish language hub as part of major national initiative

THE IRISH government has pledged to invest €178 million in the Irish language over the next decade which will include and cultural hub in Dublin.

The government’s proposals for investment in culture and language were revealed yesterday.

Irish language groups have said that a hub should include a café or theatre and would act as a long overdue space for those who speak the language and those learning it.

Up to €105 million will be set aside to develop Gaeltacht areas.

Around €13 million will be earmarked to develop “language and culture hubs” across the country, with the focus being a leading hub in the capital.

A spokesman for Irish language group Conradh na Gaeilge said that a large centre in Dublin would be of great benefit.

“These are centres where members of the public can drop in and know that there’ll be a café there that they can use their cupla focal in. Or that there’ll be classes on, providing services for parents who are bringing up their children through Irish, or a theatre, all those things in one centre.

“You want to have a centre where it’s not just about Irish language classes, be it that you provide a cookery class, or do you do yoga or do whatever it is through Irish. So you have everyone from those learning the language to.”

The proposals also include plans for a wider rollout of the Irish language centres that are already in place in places like Carlow and Ennis.