Elderly couple share emotional embrace after reuniting in care home following months apart

Elderly couple share emotional embrace after reuniting in care home following months apart

AN ELDERLY married couple have shared an emotional embrace after spending months apart in separate care homes.

Mary was originally living at home when the Covid-19 pandemic began but subsequently moved into Baily House in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, so she could receive better day-to-day care.

Her husband, Gordon, was already living at another care home.

That meant the married couple were left living apart for an extended period of time due to the UK government’s strict lockdown rules governing care homes.

However, unbeknownst to Mary, Gordon moved into her care facility earlier this week, in a development that set the stage for a wonderful surprise.

Staff were careful to keep the information of Gordon’s move a secret from Mary until they were officially able to hug each other again.

That moment was filmed and shared on Baily House Care Home’s Facebook page, where it has captured the hearts of countless thousands watching on across the UK and beyond.

In the clip, the pair can be seen walking towards each other.

Mary can hardly believe it, asking the staff “we can’t touch each other, can we? Before her carers confirm that yes, they can.

Putting down his walking stick, Gordon beckons his wife with a simple “come on”, guiding her in for the warmest of embraces.

Mary lets go of her own walking frame, wrapping her arms around her beloved husband with the pair even sharing a kiss on the lips

Already viewed more than 70,000 times on the social media site, the clip has drawn an incredible response online.

"That brought a tear,” Andy Street commented.

“My darling wife died in my arms after battling against cancer during the first lockdown, she was 53. I've imagined that embrace so many times since. I hope these guys have a little more time together, love is so precious."

Klayre Hurnn added: "I stumbled upon the video on social media of them reunited and it’s so emotional and the love they both have, it’s inspiring. It gives people hope of true love ... thank you for sharing something so beautiful." [Klayre Hurnn]

"This is beautiful,” Anthony Horn wrote. “Look at how she left her walking support. It truly didn’t matter she found the strength to get to her husband. Love that, so admirable is true love."

Tara Jane, meanwhile, was left in tears at the footage.

“You hold each other as much as you can lovely!! What a beautiful reunion. How they both leave their mobility aids to get to each other like they are 21 again melted my heart!! Xxx"

Here’s hoping for many more happy times to come for Mary and Gordon.