Everyone is falling in love with this Irish bartender’s poignant rendition of ‘Rare Auld Times’

Everyone is falling in love with this Irish bartender’s poignant rendition of ‘Rare Auld Times’

AN IRISH barman is winning hearts and minds online with his stirring rendition of a familiar favourite from the Emerald Isle.

Take a trip to The Celt Bar on Talbot Street in Dublin and you could be in for a rare treat.

It's there that you'll find bar worker Donncha entertaining patrons with his distinctive singing voice.

Newcomers were given a sample of his soulful vocal style surfaced  this week, courtesy of a new video shared on social media by the good folk over at the Celt Bar.

The perfect showcase of his impressive vocal talents, the video has gone down a storm on Facebook.


It features Donncha performing a particularly memorable version of the old Irish classic Rare Auld Times and is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

Our very own singing bar man, Donncha is back again. This time with a Dublin classic,
“In the Rare Auld Times.”

The Celt - One of The Fair City’s bar’s that still lives and breathes the Dublin of old ❤️

Gepostet von The Celt Bar am Dienstag, 12. November 2019

It’s a performance that’s proven to be a pretty big hit online, with a video going viral across Ireland and the wider world.

At the time of writing it has attracted more than 1,200 shares and in excess of 700 comments on Facebook - all complimentary too.

While plenty have been raving about the song itself, the barman has won plenty of fans too.


It must be comforting to know that, should his pub work dry up, he can always fall back on his good looks and stunning musical talent.

Composed by Pete St. John for the Dublin City Rambles back in the 70s, Rare Auld Times has emerged as an Irish sing-song favourite.

But there's never been a version quite like this.