Paul Rudd Has A Secret Irish Pub With Guinness On Tap

Paul Rudd Has A Secret Irish Pub With Guinness On Tap

PAUL RUDD is a man of many secrets - one being how he manages to stay so youthful looking despite reaching the ripe old age of 50.

But while that particular secret is likely to stay exactly that, another concerning his now not-so-secret Irish pub has just come to light.

Because, it would appear Rudd is a man of impeccable taste when it comes to his choice of drinking establishments.

So, when his career began to take-off, he decided the best way to celebrate would be sink a few pints of the black stuff in his very own Irish bar.

Well, not exactly.

In actual fact, the story behind Paul Rudd’s secret Irish pub, Sullivan’s, out in Rhinebeck, New York, is a surprisingly emotional one.

According to a previous interview with New York magazine, it was Rudd’s father, Michael, who came up with the idea for Sullivan’s.

A former historical tour guide and ex-vice-president of Trans World Airlines, Michael Rudd actually hailed from London, where he met Paul’s mother, Gloria Irene before the family emigrated to the US.

Fast forward to 2004 and with Rudd’s career hitting new heights, his dad Michael decided to celebrate the birth of Paul’s son, Jack, by building his grandson his very own Irish pub.

Though it would be some time before Jack would be old enough to use it, Michael knew there would come a day when his grandson would appreciate his hard graft.

Setting to work, he began constructing the Irish-themed drinking establishment in the basement of his Kansas City home and even named it Sullivan’s in reference to Jack’s middle name Sullivan.

Eventually Paul’s work forced him to relocate to the town of Rhinebeck in New York with the plan being for Michael to move in a construct a new version of Sullivan’s in the Hudson Valley home.

Tragically, however, Michael ended up being diagnosed with cancer and despite fighting bravely against his illness, eventually succumbed to the disease before the pub could be finished.

Eager to honour his father’s legacy, Paul set to turning his dream of an Irish pub in his basement into a reality.

No expense was spared in the making of the bar, with Rudd recruiting several contractors to the task of building his dad’s dream bar which will one day be his son’s favourite hangout.

Now completed, the look and feel of Sullivan’s remains a closely guarded secret with the establishment very much not open to the public.

Paul is evidently very proud of the finished results though.

Describing it as a “a full-on authentic Irish pub,” Rudd told New York Magazine that the bar has “got Guinness on tap and everything.”

There can be no doubt Rudd has raised a fair few glasses of the Irish stout to his dad and you can bet one day his son will too.