Farmer has his perfect view of the Irish Open ruined by invading herd of cows

Farmer has his perfect view of the Irish Open ruined by invading herd of cows

AN IRISH farmer found his plans for an afternoon spent watching golf rudely interrupted by a herd of cows this weekend. 

The aggravated agriculturalist had been enjoying much of The Irish Open as something of a VIP. 

While the event at Galgorm Castle is closed to members of the public, this particular farmer was able to enjoy the action up close and personal.

With one of the fields of his farm bordering the course, he ended up with front-row seats, completely free of charge. 

He appeared keen to take full advantage too, with pictures from the first two days of play showing the farmer present and correct in a fold-down seat. 


Watching on with a cup of tea in his hand, he ended up the envy of many a golf enthusiast. 

But it didn’t all go according to plan. 

At one point, the camera cut to the farmer’s front-row seats, where they quickly discovered he now had company. Lots of company. 

In fact, a whole herd of cows had decided to join him while he enjoyed the golf, and they didn’t appear to be moving on any time soon. 

His clear annoyance at the turn of events was clear to see, prompting plenty of chuckles over in the Sky Sports studio, who are broadcasting the event. 


The most obvious concern too is that a rogue moo might end up putting off one of the players. 

In any case, the image has proven a hit with golf fans and ordinary folk alike.