First ever magic mushroom lab uncovered in Ireland following raid

First ever magic mushroom lab uncovered in Ireland following raid

IRELAND'S first ever magic mushroom lab has been found in Dublin following a raid by Gardai.

The discovery was made at a property in Drimnagh, south Dublin, on Tuesday evening.

Key intelligence prompted the raid, where a huge amount of mushrooms were uncovered at the unoccupied flat.

The property was preserved for a major technical examination, which was conducted throughout yesterday.

No arrests have been made yet and the only suspect who has been identified is the resident of the property, an English national in his 50’s who has no record of drug dealing or organised crime.

According to, he was hospitalised a number of weeks ago after suffering a stroke.


It is not yet known whether he suffered the stroke after inhaling chemicals or spores, and he is currently undergoing hospital treatment.

Gardai gained access to the flat through a hole in the bottom of the front door.

Forensic gardai were wearing protective masks and boiler suits due to the possibility of spores in the atmosphere.

The scene has since been cordoned off and members of the force’s Technical Bureau were assessing the interior of the property.

One line in the investigation is whether the mushrooms were being sold online by the suspect – but there is no evidence yet of this.