Forecasters predict the sunny weather set to continue this week

Forecasters predict the sunny weather set to continue this week

The dry and warm weather has been predicted to last on the Emerald Isle.

The sunny weather often expected in the first week of June, dubbed 'exam weather' by many is in full swing as this week promises to remain bright and dry.

Today's weather will continue to be warm and mostly dry with strong sunny spells.

A few showers may develop in the north and west of provinces Ulster and Connacht and possibly one or two in the west of Munster.

Highest temperatures today will reach between 19 to 22 degrees with some light breezes expected.

From Monday onwards, the weather is to be warm with some sunny spells.

Scattered heavy showers will develop in the early afternoon, and continue for the rest of the day. A few showers may be thundery but will mainly affect Ulster, north Leinster, Connacht and Munster.

Highest temperatures to be between 19 to 25 degrees.

Tuesday's weather will hold some mist and fog early in the day but will largely clear to warm spells of hazy sunshine.

Top temperatures will be between 19 to 22 degrees in general but will increase to mid to high teens in many coastal areas.

Wednesday morning's weather will replicate that of Tuesday's, with early fog clearing to warm and mostly dry with spells of hazy sunshine.

There is potential for cloudy misty periods on Wednesday, with some heavy showers leading to thunder developing over some parts of Munster, Connacht and Ulster.

Top temperatures on Wednesday to remain between 19 to 22 degrees.

From Thursday towards the end of the week, cooler and more changeable weather is predicted to develop.