Free Derry Corner has tribute to NHS frontline workers added to its iconic mural

Free Derry Corner has tribute to NHS frontline workers added to its iconic mural

FREE DERRY Corner has had a tribute to Northern Ireland’s frontline key workers and NHS staff added to its famous mural. 

The iconic civil rights-era slogan on a gable wall has been altered on several occasions down the years to reflect the sentiment of the Bogside estate community. 

In this instance, the white gable wall with “You are now entering Free Derry” painted on it in black now features the silhouettes of a doctor and nurse. 

They stand, side by side with the nurse wearing a face mask, in front of a winged blue heart bearing the word ‘NHS’ on it. 

Underneath is a simple message of support that reads: “We salute all our key workers”. 

It’s one of several murals to have popped up in Northern Ireland since the coronavirus pandemic took hold of the region. 

Over in West Belfast, the city’s famous international wall has been transformed into a stunning show of support for Northern Ireland’s key workers. 

Commenting on the mural, Northern Ireland’s joint head of government Michelle O’Neill said: “Our appreciation of frontline workers knows no bounds. Each and everyone of them are truly incredible.” 

Gerry Adams, meanwhile, is among those to acknowledge the updated Derry mural by retweeting a striking image of it on social media. 

It comes after a further 17 people died from coronavirus in Northern Ireland. 

According to the Public Health Agency, the total number of announced Covid-19-related deaths in Northern Ireland now stands at 193. 

A further 148 people have also tested positive for the virus, bringing the total to 2,486.