Garda investigation as eight migrants found alive on cargo ship bound for Ireland

Garda investigation as eight migrants found alive on cargo ship bound for Ireland

A GARDA investigation is underway after eight migrants were found alive on a cargo ship travelling to Ireland.

The migrants, believed to be eight males, were discovered by crew on board the bulk cargo ship from France to Ireland yesterday, 4th December.

While their ages and nationalities are so far unknown, it is believed the men all come from Eastern European countries.

The crew alerted Gardaí who were standing by at Belview, Co Waterford when the ship docked.

All eight men are believed to be in good medical condition.

Gardaí, along with Garda Immigration Officers attached to Waterford Garda Station, are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident, and the men will now be processed under Ireland's immigration laws.

Gardaí have declined to comment further at this time.

In November, 16 people were found alive in a refrigerated truck on a ferry destined for Wexford.

They were discovered by staff after banging noises could be heard coming from within the truck.

All 16 people-- 15 men and one minor-- were in good physical condition and were placed in temporary emergency accommodation, however nine people left that accommodation and their whereabouts are currently unknown.

It is believed they could have travelled to Northern Ireland or Great Britain in an attempt to claim asylum there.

Gardaí have stressed that the migrants have not committed an offence by leaving their accommodation, however it would be illegal for them to try and enter the UK.