Gardaí help elderly with shopping, bring medication and fuel during lockdown

Gardaí help elderly with shopping, bring medication and fuel during lockdown

WITH THE country in effective lockdown and people urged to stay in their homes as much as possible, Gardaí have been assisting those in need whatever way they can.

The Community Policing initiative, implemented during these unprecedented times, have seen local Gardaí assisting the elderly and vulnerable by helping with shopping, bringing food, medicine and fuel, and even fixing technical issues for those who may not have the support of family or friends.

(An Garda Síochána / Twitter)

On Tuesday, Deputy Commissioner John Twomey announced that Gardaí would be supporting "the most vulnerable in our society, particularly our elderly and isolated."

210 new contingency vehicles were acquired in order to "assist and support people, which may include collecting medical prescriptions, attending hospital appointments and other supports they may need", according to a statement from Gardaí at the time, and these measures have now come into play.

Local police called to Joan in Newcastle West, County Limerick after a relative asked Gardaí to check in on her, and they arranged for an electrician to fix her sensor light while also having "a great chat"-- while maintaining social distancing.

In Fenit, County Kerry, local Gardaí assisted an elderly woman by fixing her computer so she would be able to keep in touch with people while self-isolating.

Gardaí delivered fuel, electricity top-up and medication to a man in the rural countryside as he had no transport, and told people not to be afraid to "pick up the phone and call us if you need help".

And in Walkinstown, Dublin, two Gardaí were spotted helping an elderly woman to carry her shopping home.

Anyone who requires assistance, or who is worried about a relative or neighbour, has been urged to contact their local Garda station.