'Gin yoga' is the perfect tonic to any winter blues

'Gin yoga' is the perfect tonic to any winter blues

AN INNOVATIVE distillery is offering a unique opportunity for gin lovers to engage in a little exercise and relaxation for the mind, body, and soul.

As Hull Live reports, Humber Street Distillery Co. has been causing quite the stir after unveiling its new monthly Yin and Gin Yoga sessions.

Focusing on fitness with a little din and tonic thrown in for good measure.

Sessions begin with some Yin Yoga, designed to ease people into things with some slow movements and hold poses.

Things continue with a session of active and upward moving Yang, accompanied by a gin and tonic, of course.

Another Yin session, with a little more gin for good measure, helps wrap things up, releasing any further tension and leaving participants nice and relaxed.

Priced at around £18 per person for an hour-and-a-half of yoga, that price might seem a little steep but it's worth noting that it includes two gin and tonics.

Despite the alcohol on offer, the yoga instructor behind the new initiative, Emily Worsnop, was keen to stress things won't' descend into just another boozefest.

"The gin will give extra relaxation to the class," she told Hull Live.

It's about people being aware of the taste within their mouth, the texture and being aware of the journey from their mouth to their throat, all the way down to their stomach."

Designed, in part, to help make yoga more accessible to beginners, Gin Yoga could be the perfect tonic for the winter blues.

It follows on from Beer Yoga, the booze-based exercise that's already proven a hit.