Greta Thunberg says humanity must stop eating meat and switch to vegan diet or 'we are f***ed'

Greta Thunberg says humanity must stop eating meat and switch to vegan diet or 'we are f***ed'

GRETA THUNBERG has issued a stark warning to humanity: stop eating meat and switch to a vegan diet otherwise “we are f***ed”.

The grim prediction came as part of a video statement posted to Twitter by the 18-year-old environmental activist.

In the clip, Thunberg outlined why a reduction in meat consumption would help avoid more ecological and health issues in the future.

"The climate crisis, the ecological crisis and the health crisis – they are all interlinked," she said.

"The way we make food, raising animals to eat, clearing land to grow food to feed those animals… It just doesn’t make sense."

The impact of agriculture on the ongoing climate crisis is well documented.

It is estimated that raising animals like cattle and poultry for food accounts for roughly a quarter of all carbon emissions, globally.

By switching to a vegan diet, humanity would effectively eliminate anywhere up to eight billion tonnes of CO2 which is currently being released into the Earth’s atmosphere each and every year.

"If we keep making food the way we do, we will also destroy the habitats of most wild plants and animals, driving countless species to extinction," Thunberg added.

"This really sucks for us too – they are our life-supporting system. If we lost them, we will be lost too."

In addition to the environmental impact, Thunberg urged the public to pay more consideration to the feelings of animals born and bred for food.

Thunberg, who is a vegan herself, noted that many animals born into such circumstances live “short and terrible” lives inside the heavily industrialised factory farms where meat is produced.

The Swedish activist’s warning is part of a video funded by the charity Mercy For Animals, an organisation that campaigns to prevent animal cruelty in the livestock industry and encourage more people to take up veganism.