‘Haunted’ Cork pub’s CCTV catches terrifying moment bottle flies off shelf by itself

‘Haunted’ Cork pub’s CCTV catches terrifying moment bottle flies off shelf by itself

CCTV FOOTAGE from one of Cork’s oldest pubs has captured the terrifying moment a bottle flew off a shelf of its own accord.

The large glass container came within inches of harming a member of staff, who was left visibly shaken by the strange occurrence.

Coughlan's on Douglas Street has been serving pints since the 1800s.

Today it boasts a reputation as one of Ireland’s best live music venues and a pub popular with tourists and locals alike.

However, centuries ago it was the site of far spookier goings-on.

One room in the pub once served as a doctor’s surgery and mortuary.

The pub is also thought to be either close to or on top of at least two medieval cemeteries and a famine pit.

Ghostly sightings are nothing new at Coughlan’s though this latest near miss was enough for bar manager Gerard Connaughton – the individual in the tape – to review the footage.

What he saw left him a little unsettled to say the least, with the bottle show to fly off the shelf for no apparent reason.

Speaking to the Irish Post, owner Edel Curtin was keen to downplay any talk of ghosts – but admitted there had been a few strange occurrences down the years.

The pianist turned pub owner said: “There’s always been a joke between the staff that it might haunted, just because a few odd little things have happened over the years like glasses exploding by themselves but there’s probably a logical explanation for it all.

“The video is real though, a few people thought we had set it up, but we didn’t.

“If the place is haunted, they’re friendly ghosts! The place is 200 years old so there’s a lot of history attached to it - who knows!”

Despite Ireland’s ongoing restrictions, it sounds like everyone is in good spirits over at the Coughlan’s.