Heartwarming moment Irish busker jams on the drums with autistic girl, 7

Heartwarming moment Irish busker jams on the drums with autistic girl, 7

AN IRISH mother posted a video to Facebook in the hope of finding this Dublin busker with a big heart.

Christine Jordan and her seven-year-old daughter Kelly were out for a meal in the city earlier this month when Kelly spotted a band playing on Blooms Lane near the city's iconic Ha'penny Bridge.

Kelly headed over and began to beat one of the drums, but rather than being scolded she was handed a drumstick by the band’s drummer and encouraged to play.

Kelly’s mother Christine posted a video of the interaction on Facebook in a bid to identify the kind-hearted drummer, who had been so patient with her daughter.

“They were playing Saturday 5th November in blooms lane, Dublin. I don’t know the name of the bar or band. But I have a video,” wrote Christine.

“I obviously pulled her away as they were in the middle of playing, but then the drummer offered Kelly a drum stick and let her play with him.”

“I just want to find the drummer and tell him a huge thank you for making my daughter's night.”

Sharp-eyed viewers quickly identified the drummer in the video as multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Hickey from Kilkenny, who performs under the pseudonym Rarely Seen Above Ground.

Christine contacted Jeremy to thank him for the kindness he showed towards Kelly.

“She was so so happy, and even took a bow! She has autism, so this means so much to us,” Christine said. “She was on top of the world going home.”

Check out the video below...