Heroic Dublin woman saves elderly man’s life after he suffers stroke in street

Heroic Dublin woman saves elderly man’s life after he suffers stroke in street

A YOUNG woman from Dublin has been praised after her quick-thinking actions saved the life of an elderly man.

The heroics of the woman, known only as Megan, were brought to light by her mother, Lisa, who called into 98FM’s Dublin Talks to praise her daughter.

It all started around lunchtime last Tuesday, April 16th, when Megan spotted the man, thought to be in his 70s, stumbling and falling along George’s Street in Dublin.

Realising something was seriously wrong, she approached the man to see if he was okay only to quickly realise, he was suffering a stroke and was in desperate need of medical attention.

"Megan was walking down the street with another girl from college,” Lise explained to Dublin Talks

"This man was stumbling on the street, but people just thought he was drunk.

"She went over to him and asked him 'if he was okay' but she soon realised that he couldn't breathe and wasn't speaking and that his mouth was dropped on one side."

Though Megan was unable to source a defibrillator from any of the nearby shops, she was able to administer CPR on the injured man while they waited for an ambulance.

She remained by his side until they arrived, 20 minutes later, with her quick-thinking actions ultimately proving the difference between life and death.

"The CPR worked. She was an emotional wreck after it all. I don't think she's realised what she's done,” Lisa told 98FM.

"He was admitted to Hospital, but I rang up and he's doing well. It's lovely to know that Megan had the compassion to do what she did.”