Heroic firefighter fosters Jack Russell pup he saved from blaze

Heroic firefighter fosters Jack Russell pup he saved from blaze

A FIREFIGHTER has twice saved the life of a Jack Russell-- first by saving her from a house fire, and then by fostering her as her owner recovers.

Jamie Trew works as a firefighter in Ilford, East London, and heroic rescues and saving lives is just a part of the job for him-- but he has now gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Jamie's crew was called to the scene of a flat fire in Manor Park on 28 July, and the injured homeowner, who was being treated by paramedics outside her burning flat, told them that her dog was trapped inside.

As the fire was quenched by the crew present, the brave firefighter entered the house and searched desperately for Millie the Jack Russell, eventually finding her lying "lifeless" underneath the owner's bed.

Jamie Trew has gained a new best friend in the dog whose life he saved from a burning flat (London Fire Brigade)

Jamie and other embers of the brigade carried the injured dog to safety and attempted to revive her using oxygen and cold water to cool her body temperature, and after a nail-biting ten minutes, Millie began showing signs of life.

The shaken Jack Russell was taken to a vet to recover, and after a short stay she was ready to go home-- and her owner agreed she could stay with Jamie, the firefighter who saved her life.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing The crew have been hailed as heroes for quenching the blaze and saving Millie's life (London Fire Brigade)

Station Officer Dean Ivil said it was "a lovely ending for what could have been a tragic story".

He also revealed that "if her owner decides it's best, Millie has a forever home with Jamie and his family".

We just love a happy ending.