Hospital staff fulfil patient's dying wish - to drink one last pint of Guinness

Hospital staff fulfil patient's dying wish - to drink one last pint of Guinness

A MAN on his deathbed was granted his dying wish after staff at a hospital allowed him to enjoy one final pint of Guinness before he passed over the weekend.

Although hospitals all over the country are currently overwhelmed with patients due to the Covid-19 crisis, kind-hearted staff at a facility in the North West of England made sure to fulfil one man's unique request.

The unnamed patient had reportedly stopped responding to treatment, and staff wanted to help him however they could.

It's understood that he asked them if he could have a pint of the black stuff, to enjoy one last time.

Currently, hospitals are unable to allow patient's family members to come and go as they please, and many people sadly die without their loved ones beside them.

Critical care consultant Dr Shondipon Laha said the gesture was just one of thousands of little ways exhausted staff make a difference to their patients.


"We're frequently seeing patients where you're holding their hands, playing music they want to hear," Dr Laha said.

"One patient, over the weekend, we went to sort a pint of Guinness for him before he died.

"We think that's as important as all the other stuff we do. But it's emotionally draining."

She went on to say that because family members don't have the access to patients they did before the pandemic, staff members are also spending a lot of time video-calling relatives to keep them informed and update them on treatment.