Hugh Jackman brings Irish dad on stage to show-off his brilliant dance moves

Hugh Jackman brings Irish dad on stage to show-off his brilliant dance moves

HUGH JACKMAN kicked his new run of Dublin shows off in sensational style this week by bringing an Irish dad on stage for an inspired of dancing.

The Greatest Showman actor certainly lived up to the billing at the 3Arena with an impressive array of song and dance numbers that had fans captivated.

The undoubted highlight, however, came when Jackman invited an Irish dad in the audience to come on stage with him after becoming enamoured with his impressive dance moves.

It was then that the Aussie actor discovered the dad also happened to go by the name of Tom Jones, sparking a hilarious bit of impromptu dancing to the Welsh singer’s signature hit It’s Not Unusual.

"Are you a fan of the other Tom Jones, the singer Tom Jones?" Jackman asked the Irish Jones, who works as an accountant, rather than entertainer, by day.

The Irish Jones was game for a laugh, quipping back: "His real name is Tom Woodward” as the music began to play.

"Yeah, we don't need to know that," Jackman replied as the pair starting showing off their moves, led by the Irish Jones’ distinctive jig.

A wonderful moment from a memorable night for all those in attendance, Jackman later shared a clip of the encounter on social media, where it went down a storm.

Louise Jones, the daughter of the Irish Tom, also took to Twitter to thank Jackman for making it an unforgettable night for her father.

“That is my Dad and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you @RealHughJackman for bringing him on stage,” she wrote.

"He has always loved to sing and dance without a care in the world and I will never forget this moment!

"Thank you to all the lovely people who cheered him on too."

The clip comes just a day after Jackman shared a clip of himself trying his first pint of Guinness on Irish soil. Cheers to you, Hugh!