Ian Bailey bizarrely posts photos of young women he claims he's been 'chatting' too

Ian Bailey bizarrely posts photos of young women he claims he's been 'chatting' too

IAN BAILEY has defended himself after posting a series of images of young women he claims have been chatting to him recently.

The murder suspect has been active on social media in the last few days, posting photos of people he describes as his "beautiful friends", most of which he claims are in their "late-20s".

Bailey says the women have contacted him following the release of two documentary series about the death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier earlier this month.

As the self-confessed prime suspect in the murder case, Bailey has garnered plenty of attention, and not all of it bad, it seems.

"These people have come to me, they know all about me," he told the Irish Sun.

"They’ve seen pictures of me and wish to contact me. We are chatting."

A few months ago Bailey split up with his long-term partner, Jules Thomas, and many see his decision to flaunt photos of young women online as an intentional attempt to make her uncomfortable.

Earlier this month, Bailey claimed he'd been contacted by a number of "big-bosomed" women since news of his split went public.

But the Manchester-born former journalist insists his bragging has nothing to do with that.

"Everyone knows my situation, I was without friends for years and years. Now this is happening. These are all women who have contacted me. They are real people, not fakes.

"I love beauty and these are beautiful ladies.

"But I can assure you I won’t be getting drawn into anything because I am too afraid of honey traps. No one is who they really say they are on the web and I'm not getting sucked in."

Ms Toscan du Plantier, a French filmmakers, was killed outsider her home near the town of Schull, Co. Cork on December 23, 1996.

Bailey, who lived nearby at the time, was arrested twice by gardaí, but was never charged.