Ireland further accelerating plans to lift coronavirus lockdown restrictions

Ireland further accelerating plans to lift coronavirus lockdown restrictions

IRELAND IS accelerating plans for the gradual reopening of society following three months of lockdown. 

Under plans outlined by Leo Varadkar, churches, hairdressers, cinemas, theatres and gyms will now open on June 29. 

All sporting activities will also be allowed while mass gatherings are also set to be permitted, with some restrictions in place – no more than 50 people indoors and 200 outdoors. 

The decision to move up the schedule for reopening Ireland’s economy comes as the number of new cases of coronavirus continue to fall across the ssland of Ireland. 

Mr. Varadkar said: "The spirit of hope proved to be contagious and has brought us to where we are now—ahead of schedule, able to accelerate the reopening of our society and our economy." 

"We'll be living a very different type of life, but a life where we can again do so many things that are important to us and our families." 

The changes will come into effect provided the spread of coronavirus remains under control over the next few weeks. 

1,174 deaths from Covid-19 in the Republic. 

The daily death toll peaked at 77 in April but but has dropped to single digits in recent days. 

Restaurants, hotels and pubs serving food have also approved to open on June 29 with all lockdown measures set to be lifted in July rather than August as originally planned.