Ireland ranked second worst in the EU regarding climate change

Ireland ranked second worst in the EU regarding climate change

The Emerald Isle weighed in at 28th place out of 29 countries.

Ireland has ranked as the second worst country in the European Union at tackling climate change, with a score of 21%.

The report, published by Climate Action Network Europe (CAN) found that Ireland is behind on tackling increasing emissions from their transport and agriculture sectors which could see the country pay up to €500 million in non-compliance costs for not cutting emissions as part of meeting expectations laid out by EU and Paris Agreement commitments.

Ireland reportedly failed to join the group of progressive EU Member States calling for increased EU climate ambition and played a negative role in the negotiations of the EU 2030 climate and energy legislation, pushing for loopholes to dilute the laws, the report said.

Ireland narrowly preceded Poland who came in as last with 16%, with both countries lagging behind due to their stiff opposition to reducing climate action.

Sweden was found to be the best country for reducing climate action with a score of 77%.

To improve their position as second last out of EU to reduce climate change, the report recommended Ireland revising its National Mitigation Plan and to immediately regulate for the reduction of emissions from the transport and agriculture sectors.

The report also suggested for all use of peat in electricity generation needs to end by 2019 and coal use by 2025.

Eamon Ryan, of the Green Party called the new report "a shameful indictment of this Government’s climate record."