Irish actor Pierce Brosnan asked what it's like to be a 'British icon' by American chat show host

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan asked what it's like to be a 'British icon' by American chat show host

PIERCE Brosnan appeared on The Late Show with Irish-American host Stephen Colbert last night, but things got awkward when the Irish actor was asked about being a "British icon".

Co. Meath native Pierce also had to correct Colbert about where he was born after he was mistakenly asked about being born in the North.

"I understand you grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland," Colbert told the 64-year-old.

Pierce was quick to quip back: "Southern Ireland – I grew up on the banks of the River Boyne in County Meath.”

Colbert – whose family has roots in Co. Roscommon – then asked Brosnan what it feels like to be a "British icon".


The chat show host was referring to Pierce's voice, but it was still enough to make the Irishman look uncomfortable.

"Where is your accent from, is what I'm asking," Colbert clarified after his guest visibly squirmed in his seat.

Pierce explained his Irish brogue "got mangled" after he moved to London from Co. Meath as an 11-year-old boy.

"I left Ireland in 1964 as a country boy trying to fit in to a different community and society in South London," Pierce explained.

"I suppose it ended up being one of my best performances.”

Putting on a Cockney accent, Pierce laughed: "I'm from South London, talking like that, you know what I'm saying mate?


"You wan't to be part of the community, you know? Part of the gang. Then I realised I wasn't."

Pierce appeared on the show to promote his latest film The Foreigner, in which he stars alongside action legend Jackie Chan as an IRA commander.

The film, out later this month, sees him star as "Liam Hennessy" an Irishman with a striking (physical) resemblance to a certain Gerry Adams.