Irish broadcaster to shave head live on TV to raise money for medical charity

Irish broadcaster to shave head live on TV to raise money for medical charity

IRISH TV and radio host Eoghan McDermott will be shaving his head live on air later this week to raise money for a medical charity.

McDermott is known for presenting shows on RTÉ's 2fm as well as hosting Ireland's Got Talent, and most recently narrating Love Island Australia, but he is also known for his shock of thick dark hair.


That hair will soon be no more, however, as the broadcaster is set to shave it all off, live before the nation, on this Friday's The Late Late Show.

Eoghan McDermott will shave his "notoriously high hair" live on this Friday's episode of The Late Late Show (GoFundMe)

McDermott will shave "his notoriously high hair" on RTÉ's flagship programme in order to raise money for the Julian Benson Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, whose main aim is to provide free accommodation for families of Cystic Fibrosis patients receiving long courses of treatments in Dublin.

On a GoFundMe, set up to raise funds and awareness of his campaign, McDermott explains his reasons for raising money for the JBCFF, saying "Many families must either pay for expensive hotels or commute long distance daily from all over the country to be with loved ones during difficult times".

St Vincent's Hospital in Dublin is the national referral hospital for patients with Cystic Fibrosis, and treats people from all across the country: with an estimated 900 people suffering from the condition, Ireland has the highest proportion of people with CF in the world.

Prizes for donors include a dress donated by Laura Whitmore, a signed copy of Niall Horan's newest album, and free haircuts for a year (Source: 2FM)

The Julian Benson Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is aiming to provide dedicated accommodation close to the hospital completely free of charge for families caring for a loved one with the condition, regardless of if they are being treated in St Vincent's or other Dublin hospitals.

To this end, 37-year-old McDermott will shave his head and offer spot prizes to everyone who donates.

And while most Irish people do not need any extra incentive to donate to a good cause, the spot prizes are very impressive, with some having been donated by other Irish celebrities.

All donors are in with a chance to win a €300 voucher for Peter Mark Hair Salon, complimentary haircuts for a year from The Grafton Barber, A Fee G designer dress donated by Laura Whitmore, a personalised signed copy of Heartbreak Weather from Niall Horan or a €300 voucher for Lidl Ireland, with the winners being announced live on 2fm on Monday, 18 May.

To read more about Eoghan's campaign, or to donate, you can visit the GoFundMe page hair- sorry, I mean here.