Irish comedian Patrick Kielty in epic takedown of ‘ignoramus’ Boris Johnson over Brexit

Irish comedian Patrick Kielty in epic takedown of ‘ignoramus’ Boris Johnson over Brexit

PATRICK KILETY has launched an epic takedown of Boris Johnson over his Brexit proposals, warning the Tory his plans could actually break up the UK.

It came following the publication of Johnson’s vision for Brexit, as he refuses to rule out challenging Theresa May for the Conservative leadership.

Outlining his argument in the Telegraph, Johnson said he would tell the EU that the backstop agreement to prevent a hard border in Ireland is no longer acceptable.

However Kielty said Johnson’s ‘Brexit lies’ means that a border poll in Northern Ireland ‘is now inevitable’.

He warned Johnson that his ‘stab in the dark’ could risk the hard-won peace in Northern Ireland.

Not only that but he told the would-be Prime Minister that pressing ahead with a hard or no-deal Brexit could result in his legacy being the break-up of the UK.

Here’s Kielty’s response to Johnson’s Brexit plan in full.

Kielty, 47, who grew up in Co. Down, presented a documentary earlier this year in which he discussed the murder of his innocent father by loyalist paramilitaries.

In it he revealed he rejected an opportunity to join the IRA in revenge, later voting for the Good Friday Agreement despite it meaning his father’s killers would be released.

Brexiteer Johnson criticised the Brexit backstop earlier this month, comparing it to putting ‘a suicide vest around the British constitution’ and handing Europe the detonator.