Irish government plans to vaccinate 1 million people per month from April

Irish government plans to vaccinate 1 million people per month from April

IRELAND'S Health Service Executive (HSE) is planning to vaccinate one million people every month in April, May and June, according to HSE chief Paul Reid.

It's understood that it's the Government's aim to vaccinate around 5,000 people per day, as Ireland looks to firmly ramp up its vaccination programme.

Specialised vaccine centres will be set up across the country to accommodate for the increased demand.

The HSE say that 37 vaccination centres could carry out between 1,000 and 5,000 inoculations per day, while many others could get their jabs from their GP as well, to boost the rollout.

Mr Reid added that the centres would be open seven days a week and would employ staff members who would work on 12-hour shifts to speed up the process.


"The centres will range in size, with bigger centres doing 5,000 a day and smaller centres doing between 1,000 and 2,000 a day. The workforce is being organised around that," he said.

"The national campaign to supplement vaccinations is under way. It will operate on a 12-hour shift basis, seven days a week."

It comes following the announcement that Ireland is to remain in full lockdown for the next nine weeks.

According to the HSE, the reduction is transmission, that has been witnessed over the past month or so, is now slowing, and there were fears that this trend could continue in light of schools being reopened.