Irish pharmacy 'prescribes' customers with chocolate bars and positive messages

Irish pharmacy 'prescribes' customers with chocolate bars and positive messages

THE LOCKDOWN has been tough on a lot of people.

We've been isolated from friends and family, birthdays have passed uncelebrated, teenagers have finished their last year of school with no graduation.

Weddings, concerts, festivals and mass gatherings are a thing of the past, and anyone who has lost a loved one has been unable to properly honour their life with a large funeral.

People's mental health has undoubtedly suffered over the past 11 weeks, and while it is beginning to ease as the country looks forward to the official dates where they can travel further, meet friends in pubs and restaurants and be reunited with family, there remains a muted fear that things won't get back to the way they used to be.

It's more important than ever to stay positive and support those around you, because, as we've been told so many times since the pandemic began, we're in this together-- and one pharmacy in County Mayo is doing their part to spread a little joy, prescribing relaxation and "a little break" to customers.

Staunton's Pharmacy's thoughtful prescription to customers in Castleabar, Co Mayo (Reddit)

Staunton's Pharmacy in Castlebar, Co Mayo, have started to gift each of their customers with a bar of chocolate and a positive message on prescription paper:

"Community spirit will beat this virus.

"Social distancing, hand washing and keeping in touch with friends helps us to stay healthy.

"A little chat and a cuppa helps also!"

Small as it may be, gestures such as this could mean the world to someone who is having a tough time or even just a bad day.

An image of the gift was shared on Reddit Ireland and seen by The Irish Mirror, with the customer praising the pharmacy and the thoughtful gift as a "lovely gesture".

Just what the doctor ordered.