Irish pub owner wants Noel Gallagher to finish his 20 year old drink

Irish pub owner wants Noel Gallagher to finish his 20 year old drink

AN IRISH pub-owner in London wants Oasis star Noel Gallagher to come back and finish his drink - from 1996.

Gallagher, who was born to Irish parents in Manchester, had a Jack Daniels and Coke in the Dublin Castle Bar in Camden Town after playing some songs from a demo for friends in the pub.

In an unusual move, the controversial star left half of his beverage behind with a note, thanking the bar staff for the drink.

Now, pub owner Henry Conlon is hoping the former Oasis frontman will come back to finish his JD and Coke.

“Noel came in and asked to play a demo, I think it was ideas for Be Here Now,” landlord Henry Conlon told The Camden New Journal. “He didn’t finish the drink and my mum said, ‘He’s important, let’s keep his drink’, and it’s still here now. Maybe Noel could come back and we can have a 20-year reunion, and play a few songs in the back room.”

Next year will mark the two-decade anniversary since Gallagher's trip to the pub, so Mr Conlon is hoping the reunion will take place before then.

Gallagher is not the only famous face to grace the popular London pub.

Over the years since opening, the Dublin Castle has hosted gigs by international superstars from Amy Winehouse to Blur.

So far, Gallagher has yet to respond to the offer.