Irish radio station that plays nothing but Christmas music will launch tomorrow

Irish radio station that plays nothing but Christmas music will launch tomorrow

AH, CHRISTMAS FM-- we missed you.

Christmas is definitely coming now-- you can feel it in the air and hear it in the shops (Although some shops have been blaring Christmas music since November 1st, so we're not sure if that counts).

But this week marks the unofficial start of the run-up to Christmas in Ireland: on Friday, most of the country will be sitting down to watch the annual Late Late Toy Show, no matter their age.

And tomorrow, Ireland's only station dedicated exclusively to playing Christmas music is hitting the airwaves for the next month.

Depending on your Grinch-ometer you'll either find this the best or worst news ever, but aside from playing songs about roasting chestnuts or spending Christmas Eve in the drunk tank, the station does some very important charity work too.


Since its launch in 2008, each year the station chooses one charity and focuses on raising money for them through on-air campaigns.

Over the past ten years, Christmas FM has raised over a million euro for incredibly well-deserving charities like Childline, Make A Wish, Simon Communities and Sightsavers.

This year, 100% of the proceeds from listener donations are going to Barretstown, a not-for-profit fun camp for children with cancer and other serious illnesses-- last year the station raised over €400,000 for Temple Street Children's Hospital, so the importance of this cheesey festive station cannot be under understated.

Christmas FM will go live tomorrow at 1pm and will run until the 27th of December. Listeners across the country should be able to pick it up on local airwaves, but those of us a little further from home don't have to miss out-- you can listen live on Christmas FM's website or their app!