Irish teen hailed as hero after risking life to rescue puppies dumped in sewage pipe

Irish teen hailed as hero after risking life to rescue puppies dumped in sewage pipe

AN IRISH teenager has been commended for his bravery after risking life and limb to rescue two puppies abandoned in a sewage pipe in Drogheda.

Conor McAuley was singled out for praise by Drogheda Animal Rescue following his heroic role in the safe retrieval of the stricken pups, who were discovered by a waste outlet close to the Boyne River earlier this month.

The young man came to the rescue of the discarded dogs after hearing their panicked cries coming from a concrete pipe while out walking on his birthday.

With the help of his friend Emmet Russell, the pair decided to explore the pipe and source of the noise.

It was then that they found the two four-month-old puppies, both female, who experts at Drogheda Animal Rescue believe were part of an unwanted litter deliberately abandoned there.

The two boys acted quickly, carrying the two dogs to the nearby safety of Connor’s home.

Writing on Facebook, Drogheda Animal Rescue said: “Connor's mother was very proud of him, but at the same time very upset with him as he could have fallen into the river.

“We agree on both counts, but we do applaud Connor's compassion for animals and his bravery.”

Christened Thelma and Louise, both dogs are now in the care of Drogheda Animal Rescue.

“Pups just don't walkabout and crawl into sewage pipes,” they said.

“We believe they were deliberately abandoned and unwanted from a litter of pups. They are estimated to be around the 4-month mark. Both are females.”

“Well done boys! And Connor, we are very proud of you, and we know your family is too! Thank you!”