Irish town to welcome ‘respected’ Donald Trump with open arms during state visit

Irish town to welcome ‘respected’ Donald Trump with open arms during state visit

RESIDENTS of Doonbeg, Co. Clare are readying themselves for the arrival of President Trump during his state visit to Ireland this week.

Trump may have his critics in Ireland, in America and indeed all of the world, but there’s one place he can always guarantee himself a warm welcome: Doonbeg.

This has nothing to do with politics though, it’s about job creation.

Doonbeg residents have Trump to thank for putting their town “on the map”.

The President sanctioned the creation of a huge golf resort in the town after buying the land for $15 million in 2014, two years before he was elected into office.

Doonbeg golf resort

The resort employs some 300 people and has brought a huge amount of attention and visitors to the small, rural town.

Excited for Trump’s arrival, local resident Joe Pender, who lives next door to the seaside resort said: “It will put it on the map. There aren’t too many celebrities that come to Doonbeg.”

Excited residents are gearing up for the President's arrival

“I fed cattle on it (the land) before Donald Trump made a golf course out of it. My brother sold the 120 acres where the golf course is now,” he said.

“I know every inch of it and I worked there for 17 years.

“It’s probably making more money now as a golf course.”

Local pub owner Tommy Turbidy insists that politics isn’t being considered and says that given the attention coming their way, he has “no problem” if anti-Trump supporters turn up in the town during the President’s visit.

“Politics, I don’t get into it. I am all about creating jobs and employment in our area, and this is a man who has brought big industry to our area.

“It’s all about creating jobs, providing bread and butter for the table and paying mortgages,” Turbidy said.

“Make Doonbeg great again. We’re going to be repeating his words.” He added.

Trump is due to arrive in Doonbeg on Wednesday after planned meetings with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

He has visited the town before, but this will be the first time he’ll do so as President.