Irish woman breaks down on live radio describing how pet dog was tortured and killed in Dublin

Irish woman breaks down on live radio describing how pet dog was tortured and killed in Dublin

AN IRISH woman appeared on the radio to plead for an end to animal cruelty after her beloved pet dog was tortured and killed.

Karen Tierney called into RTÉ's Liveline where she told stand-in presenter Damien O'Reilly that her beloved family pet Daschund, Keisha, had been tortured and found dead in a canal days after she went missing.

Karen tearfully explained that she had come home from work in Dublin three weeks ago to find her pet missing, possibly having climbed out of an open window.

She enlisted the help of friends, family and missing appeals on the internet to search high and low for her beloved dog-- and with a spate of dognappings in recent months across Ireland, was worried she wouldn't see Keisha again.

Her suspicions were raised when she noticed that the missing posters she had left in the local area were being removed-- as though somebody didn't want any attention on the missing dog.

On one of these searches, a group of children told Karen's son that they had seen a dead dog floating in the canal which had been there for four days-- and while it didn't exactly match Keisha's description, they went to have a look.

Tragically, the reason the dog did not match Keisha's description was because the much-loved family pet had been "mutilated" beyond description.

Keisha was found in a gym bag which was zipped up to her neck, with a wire wrapped around her neck and the handles of the bag.

"She was completely mutilated," a tearful Karen told horrified listeners.

She said the dog appeared to have been tortured, beaten and killed before she was ever left in the canal, and there was "hair missing from her body".

"I'm on the verge of tears all the time" since the incident, she said, adding "I can't believe it."

She said Gardaí are investigating the horrific incident, but so far there are no leads-- and pleaded with people to stop this horrific cruelty to animals which, sadly, is all too common in Ireland.

Just this week, an animal charity in Limerick rescued a 10-week-old puppy who had been "kicked around like a football", suffering a broken jaw and fractured skull.

Karen pleaded for Gardaí to take cases of animal cruelty seriously, asking "what are [these people] capable of doing next?

"Will it be a child? What are they capable of?"