Irish woman who married 'ghost of pirate' reveals she has received death threats

Irish woman who married 'ghost of pirate' reveals she has received death threats

A LOUTH woman who made headlines around the world after marrying a ghost has lifted the lid on the backlash she has faced since the story broke.

Amanda Teague, from Drogheda, Co Louth, became an overnight sensation after marrying the 300-year-old ghost of a Haitian pirate named Jack.

The 47-year-old is an avid pirate fan, having previously spent £4,000 to closer resemble Johnny Depp’s character, Captain Jack Sparrow, from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

She wed her ghost “soulmate” on board a boat in international waters off the Irish coast.

However, her marriage to the ghost, who she claims was purportedly executed for thieving on the high seas in the 1700s, did not last.

After falling ill with sepsis, Teague realised Jack was nothing more than an “energy vampire” who was draining her lifeforce.

A messy divorce ensued, with the Louth resident forced to call in a priest to perform an exorcism in a bid to rid her of Jack once and for all.

But despite now being free and single, Amanda has revealed to The Irish Sun that the entire ordeal has seen her become the target for widespread ridicule online and death threats.

"I had to move home after the story broke because I got so much abuse from people in my area. I got called a devil worshipper, and all these kinds of things,” she said.

“I had a guy messaging me saying he was going to find me and burn down my house with me in it, he said he knew where I lived.”

Forced to change her appearance in a bid to distance herself from the story, Amanda isn’t all that bothered about the sceptics questioning her experience.

Instead, it’s the constant stream of abusive messages she has received online that have left her fearful for her safety and full of regret for ever coming forward with her story.

In one instance she counted more than 23,000 comments on one story detailing her ghost marriage and divorce, noting that “99 per cent of them are negative”.

“I knew there would be backlash with a story like that and I have no issues with someone having a laugh in a light-hearted manner, I don’t mind people even questioning it or saying, ‘I don’t believe that’” she explained.

“That’s fine, I’m totally in favour of free expressions but when I started getting these horrible comments, I thought this is not OK.”

Amanda has distanced herself from mediumship and all things spiritual since the split.