Irish woman incredibly finds TWO doppelgängers living just down the road from her in Dublin

Irish woman incredibly finds TWO doppelgängers living just down the road from her in Dublin

A DUBLIN WOMAN who went in search of her doppelgänger, someone who looks just like her without having any biological relation, managed to succeed when she found THREE women who looked identical to her and remarkably, two of them lived close to her in the Irish capital.

Niamh Geaney found a woman who looked exactly like her living in Italy, but was stunned when she found another two women who were the spit of her living just around the corner from her in Dublin.

Can you tell the difference? Niamh with a doppelgänger she met in Dublin

Just in case anyone thinks that something might be afoot, DNA tests were carried out to prove that they weren't related in any way.

Niamh's search took place with a couple of friends via the website back in 2015 and the trio put their incredible story on Youtube, but after recently being featured on an Australian TV programme, Sunday Night, their story is back in the public eye.

Speaking to Sunday Night, Niamh spoke of her encounter with the first doppelgänger she met, Karen, a few years ago in Dublin.

“When I met Karen, my first doppelgänger, the first few hours we didn't really say much to each other. We [were] just looking at each other silently. It's cool. It's really cool, but it's weird," Niamh said.

“You meet these people who look exactly like you or almost completely like you, but behind that you have different personality traits, different confidence levels. Even though you look the exact same, you don't act completely the same.”

Niamh later travelled to meet Luisa, her Italian doppelgänger, describing it as "unsettling but amazing".

“It’s a very strange experience to find yourself in, meeting someone that looks like you.

“It's unsettling but it's amazing at the same time. It really kicks you back a notch, because you think you're special and unique and there's no one in the world that's like you, and you meet someone who looks identical to you, and then you realise you're not as unique as you thought you were."

Some time later, a third doppelgänger, Irene, was found, and the two met up and performed DNA tests on camera, to prove that there was absolutely no relation.

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