Irish woman leaves €30million to five different charities in her will

Irish woman leaves €30million to five different charities in her will

A WOMAN from Co. Laois has bequeathed a massive €30 million to five separate charities in her will.

Elizabeth O'Kelly, who passed away aged 92 in 2016, left a total of €6m to the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) alone, the single largest donation ever received by the organisation.

Today, the ICS named Mrs O'Kelly as the donor behind the incredible contribution and thanked the late property and newspaper owner for going above and beyond with her "tremendous kindness and generosity".

In a statement, an ICS spokesperson said: "We are deeply grateful to Mrs Elizabeth O’Kelly for generously remembering people with cancer in her will.

"Her generosity will provide hope to so many people affected by cancer and deliver improvements in cancer care that would have been impossible otherwise.”

"Mrs O’Kelly, who most recently lived in Stradbally, Co. Laois, was known for displaying great kindness towards her friends and being charitable in supporting those in need.

"This tremendous kindness and generosity is reflected in her decision to leave equal amounts in her will to five charities".

The organisation added that Mrs O'Kelly had "successfully battled cancer in the 1980s" and "knew first-hand the challenges cancer patients face and the positive difference the Irish Cancer Society makes to them in their time of need."

Irish Autism Action also received €6m from Mrs O’Kelly.

The charity said her donation would have a major impact on its work and will go towards research, training and promoting autism awareness.

The other recipients of the will are the Irish Heart Foundation, Irish Kidney Association and the RNLI.

According to the Irish Times, Mrs O'Kelly had extensive property interests in Dublin and also made around €30m from the sale of the Leinster Leader newspaper in 2005.